Ed Fast returns to the House of Commons

March 15, 2017

March 15, 2017

This past week I made my return to the House of Commons after being absent for two months. I made the most of my arrival by giving a statement before Question Period which humorously chastised the Liberal government’s recent actions.

As Question Period got underway, I also wasted no time questioning the Prime Minister over his government’s lack of transparency on the real cost of a carbon tax. The Liberal government has recently been accused by the Conservative Opposition of conducting a “Carbon Tax Cover-up” because the Liberal Government continues to censor all data from government memos outlining the cost of its proposed Carbon Tax on Canadians.

“I had assumed that during my absence the Liberals would finally come clean on the actual costs of their massive new carbon tax,” I stated. “Day after day, I watched the minister give evasive and non-transparent answers to simple questions. Clearly the minister has something to hide and is afraid to tell us how badly the carbon tax will hurt. To the Prime Minister, why the cover-up and when will he finally release the un-redacted report outlining the harm this tax will inflict on Canadians?”

I also highlighted the poor example the Liberal Government is using to help form their environmental policies. “We only have to look at Ontario where Kathleen Wynne’s skyrocketing electricity rates are bankrupting hard-working Canadians,” I noted. “The Prime Minister’s reckless carbon tax plan follows the same blueprint. In the words of the irrepressible Rex Murphy, ‘Green dreams have been a disaster for Ontario’. The last thing Canadians need is even higher energy costs. When will the Liberals finally come clean, release their carbon tax report, and let Canadians judge for themselves?”

It was great to be back in Ottawa questioning the government and I want offer my sincere thanks to all who have supported and continue to support me.

I can assure you I will continue to hold the Liberal Government to account over its actions on Canadians and I look forward to being in Ottawa again to represent the needs of my constituents.