Hon. Ed Fast Highlights Agricultural Innovation & Environmental Stewardship

June 21, 2016

Ottawa, ON – Official Opposition Critic for the Environment and Climate Change, MP Ed Fast, was pleased to host Chris Bush and Kerry Doyle of Abbotsford last week at the Standing Committee for Environment and Sustainable Development.
“The Environment Committee is undertaking a review of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999 (CEPA), and Mr. Doyle has developed environmental solutions to agricultural waste through his companies KPD Consulting and Trident Processes,” noted Fast. “It’s always helpful for parliamentarians to hear about business innovation taking place right here in Abbotsford, especially in the agricultural and clean-technology sectors.”
Canada’s environmental laws are complex, and parliamentarians require the input of academics, business leaders, industry experts and environmental organizations to improve and protect the environment and the health of Canadians. Bush and Doyle contributed to the conversation by sharing how waste from animals like dairy cows can be recycled to improve environmental outcomes and generate profit from products traditionally considered as waste.
“The White House has honoured Mr. Doyle with an award recognizing his environmental leadership, and I felt it was important for Canadian politicians to hear about his expertise in waste management,” explained Fast. “As the Environment Committee continues its work on CEPA, the Conservative Party will advocate for policies that encourage private sector growth in the clean-technology sector by improving our environment and leading to the creation of high-paying jobs for Canadians.”
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