Hon. Ed Fast responds to Budget 2016

March 23, 2016

“Skyrocketing deficits won’t create jobs but mean higher taxes.”
– Hon. Ed Fast

Abbotsford, BC. — Abbotsford MP Ed Fast today accused the Trudeau government of breaking numerous election promises in the 2016 Budget which was tabled this week. The Prime Minister had promised to run modest deficits of $10 billion a year and balance the budget by 2019. The budget document acknowledges that those promises will not be met.

“The budget pretends to be about the middle class but instead cancels many middle class benefits like the Universal Child Care Benefit, family income-splitting, tax credits for fitness, arts, textbooks and education,” explained Fast. “More importantly, this year the Liberal government is borrowing $30 billion to spend on expanded programs, money that will not create jobs but will have to be repaid by future generations.”

Fast also highlighted the Liberal government’s betrayal of small businesses. “During the recent election, the Prime Minister made a solemn promise that he would reduce the small business tax rate to 9%. That promise has also been broken,” said Fast. “At a time when the economy is floundering, the government should be encouraging small businesses to re-invest. Instead, the Prime Minister has burdened them with higher payroll taxes and without a coherent plan to create jobs.”

The budget also has very little in it for public safety and for the manufacturing and farming sectors. “I am puzzled why the Liberals would commit $150 million of new funding for the CBC each year, but only designate $4 million for agriculture, $2 million for manufacturing, and $3 million for counter-terrorism efforts,” questioned Fast. “At a time when terrorist threats around the world are escalating and our economy flounders, why is the government repealing Canada’s anti-terrorism laws, neglecting to properly fund Canada’s national security, and failing to invest in our economy?”

Fast also noted that the Prime Minister has announced that he will be spending $2.65 billion of taxpayers money on foreign climate change projects, money that is being borrowed and will again have to paid back by future generations. He also pointed to the fact that the unemployment rate in Canada has increased for three consecutive months, proving that the Liberal plan for jobs is not working.

“Our previous Conservative government left the Liberals with a $3 billion surplus,” said Fast. “The Budget makes it very clear that, over the next 4 years, the Liberal government will be borrowing tens of billions of dollars without a plan to return to balanced budgets or repay that money.”

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