Hon. Ed Fast responds to PBO Emissions Report

April 21, 2016

Ottawa, ON –Official Opposition Critic for the Environment and Climate Change, Ed Fast, today responded to the new outlook provided by the Parliamentary Budget Office on Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

“Fighting climate change is serious business and Canadians need to be prepared to have a frank discussion about who pays for it,” noted Fast. “The Liberals are misleading Canadians by saying everything is a win-win with no economic cost.”
The PBO Report outlines that Emissions Reductions, if carried out, would cause a lowering in income per capita for each Canadian of between $600 and $1900 by 2030.

Fast explained that the Conservative Party is committed to preserving and protecting Canada’s environment for future generations while keeping taxes on Canadian individuals, families and job creators low and sustaining economic growth and job creation. “It is the Liberal government’s responsibility to show Canadians their Climate Change plan,” said Fast. “Sadly, despite promises to announce a pan-Canadian Framework on Climate Change within 90 days of the Paris Climate Change Conference, Prime Minister Trudeau has failed to do so.”

“The report from the PBO outlines that now, more than ever, Canadians need a real plan to grow our economy and develop technologies to offset the costs of transition – imposing carbon taxes and a few green jobs won’t be enough,” explained Fast. “All federal spending should support a market driven approach to green energy, enhance Canada’s global economic competitiveness, bring our resources to market in efficient and environmentally responsible ways, and encourage the creation of high-paying jobs for Canadians.”

The report states that there is significant risk involved in lowering emissions, such as raising costs from abatement and undermining national consensus through massive regional disparity on lowering emissions in various sectors of the economy. Fast said that this reinforces the need for Canadians to know the Liberal Climate Change plan.

“The Conservative Opposition will continue pushing the Liberals to outline their real intentions on Climate Change and to develop policies that protect the environment and grow our economy” said Fast. “The PBO report outlines that the targets set by the previous Government were ambitious and will take real effort to achieve.”


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