“Trudeau summer” arrives with no sunny ways for Canadians

June 28, 2017

June 22, 2017

Ottawa ON – This week, the House of Commons concluded its spring session and adjourned for the summer. Despite it having been an otherwise busy session, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals produced very few positive results for Canadians.
This past session has been characterized by broken Liberal promises on everything from balancing the budget to reforming our electoral system.
“Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberals have demonstrated over the past several months that they are out of touch, irresponsible, and untrustworthy” said Fast. “Whether it’s broken promises, harmful carbon taxes, or the creation of more uncertainty for Canadian businesses, this year has been a troubling year for Canadian families and businesses.”
Fast pointed to the devastating impact carbon taxes will have on Canadians. “Rather than imposing a harmful carbon tax and even more taxes on sports and arts programs, beer and wine, and public transit fares, Justin Trudeau should be lowering taxes on businesses and families allowing them to thrive,” explained Fast. “Sadly, Justin Trudeau is saddling Canadians with an ever-increasing tax burden that will make it impossible for families to purchase a home or afford a decent education for their children.”
Despite having promised to balance the budget by 2019 and keep deficits under control, the Liberals broke that promise by admitting that their budget won’t be balanced for at least 35 years.
And just this month, Justin Trudeau compromised our national security by allowing a Chinese government-controlled company to purchase a Canadian defence and security business without undergoing a formal national security review. The United States and others of Canada’s allies have expressed deep concerns about the Prime Minister’s willingness to abandon them and pander to the Chinese government.
“Whose interests does the Prime Minister have at heart,” asked Fast. “Is he standing up for Canada, or is he selling out our country because of his self-acknowledged admiration for the basic dictatorship that is China?”
Fast said that, heading into the summer, the Conservative Party will continue to be the true advocate for the interests of Canadians. Under Andrew Scheer’s new leadership, Conservative MPs will promote and defend Canadian taxpayers and Canada’s sovereignty and national interest.

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